These College Students Want To Ban Grades Below 'C' And Abolish Mid-Terms


Over 1,300 students at Ohio’s mega-liberal Oberlin College signed a petition to prevent professors from handing out grades lower than a “C,” arguing that they were so involved in the “social justice” movement that it wasn’t always possible to keep up with the coursework. There was also a push to abolish mid-terms in order to avoid additional stress and give more time for protesting local causes.

Perhaps Oberlin students should learn a thing or two about prioritizing, especially considering that they – or, even more likely, their parents – have agreed to pay nearly $65,000 for each semester that they can’t be bothered to deal with.

Many powerful institutions of higher education that once commanded respect have now become laughingstocks thanks to a wave of “safe space” culture. Instead of applying critical thinking methods and learning from having their worldviews challenged, coddled students are now demanding that the college experience be stripped of any difficulty or rigor so that they do not get “triggered,” to use one of their favorite buzzwords.

These Oberlin College students’ outlandish claims – life-threatening panic attacks over grades, crippling depression thanks to the nightmare of mid-terms – seem difficult to take at face value. Could today’s youth really have become this soft? It appears more and more that this generation of special snowflakes obsessed with so-called social justice will struggle to thrive in the real world.

Source: New Yorker
Photo: CNN


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