Amber Heard Is Divorcing Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp

After 15 months of marriage, Amber Heard filed for divorce from Johnny Depp on Monday. Let’s break down TMZ‘s story.

The couple married in February of last year, yet Amber is asking for spousal support. Our sources say the couple had NO prenup.


She says in the divorce docs that they separated on May 22 … 2 days after Johnny’s mom passed.


As if that’s not enough … Johnny’s new movie, “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” opens Friday.

Not sure if that one is supposed to be bad news or not. TMZ thinks it might be.  Here’s what we know: Amber Heard is as cold as ice. But in her defense, do you really want to stay married to a dude who throws you under the possible 10 years in prison bus because he wanted to sneak some dogs into Australia? Coincidentally, Amber filed for divorce a little more than a month after she was forced to make an Australian dog jihad propaganda video. That won’t make a happy home, Johnny.


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