Memes Show Similarities Between Humans And Animals


Move over BBC and Sir David Attenborough, Mandatory will now be the authority on similarities between humans and our furry friends. Why waste time and money on state-of-the-art documentaries when we have animal memes? We’ll admit that the Planet Earth series was onto something when they decided to showcase the parallels in human and animal behavior, but pictures truly are worth a thousand words. 

Some questions keep us up at night, like whether the genius behind this animal meme made it just because this is how everybody looks when R. Kelly’s banger comes on in the club? Or did he also have the whole “bounce, bounce, bounce” part of the track in mind? We hope it’s both. We truly do.

In both the human and animal kingdoms, it’s usually the ones that look the most innocent that are the freakiest. That nerdy chick from your history class, the antique shop clerk…and Labradors and Golden Retrievers.

Who can argue that dogs are man’s best friend? Not only they are loyal companions, bodyguards, and reliable snugglers, they’re also easy to make fun of. If you saw this meme as a thumbnail you’d surely think it was your annoying Facebook friend Lisa posting the 434th photo from her vacation.

We already warned you that Golden Retrievers are freaks. We’re sorry if animal memes are killing your innocence, but you need to know how the world works in the animal kingdom. This meme proves you can’t turn your back for even a second.

You know that look. We all know that look.

Here’s a cat meme that everyone can relate to. If you’ve ever attended a business meeting, you’ve likely had to deal with the Sharons of the world.



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