Disabled Veteran Receives Surprising Note After He Returns To His Car


Right when you think you might be all alone in this world, even when you’re surrounded by people, we get a reminder that anyone within arms length can be a friend and help you out. Especially when you least expect it.

One disabled veteran was out to lunch by himself when one of those friendly strangers decided to let him know how much he’s appreciated. After the veteran returned to his car, this note was waiting for him with a gift.

This guy is like the Batman of veterans, appearing to help when you least expect it. With a utility belt full of cash of course.

The veteran says that his car has Purple Heart Army license plates which is moreso how the stranger took notice, rather than actually spotting the veteran. The note was signed by an ex-Marine chopper pilot but is getting extra internet points for his damn fine penmanship rather than leaving cash for the man’s lunch.

The disabled veteran who posted the photo to the internet left with the comment ” I just like showing that there’s still some genuinely nice/thoughtful people still out there.”


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