Break Poll: Who Do YOU Think Should Play The Next James Bond?


Daniel Craig is no longer going to play James Bond. Whether you loved or hated him as 007, he was one of the stronger actors to play the secret agent in years and now MGM is looking to assign the coveted role to another actor. Why? Because Daniel Craig turned down an insane amount of money to play the character ($100 million to be in two more Bond films to be specific) because, well, Spectre just wasn’t that good–let’s face it.

Film nerds (hey, I’m one too, I say this with love) are already speculating on the possibilities of who might drive the Aston Martin next and they’re not bad guesses at all. All we know is Billy Bob Thornton probably won’t be getting the role YET AGAIN. So let’s go through the list of front-runners in the minds of many-a-fan and see who YOU would choose to play James Bond.

1. Tom Hiddleston

Hiddleston is the fan favorite right now even though he looks more like he should be working at a gas station than for the Queen of England.

2. Dan Stevens

Stevens is pretty much an unknown to be joining the race to play Bond but you might know him from that one show you never watch Downton Abbey. You know, that one.

3. Chitwel Ejiofor

Sure, Chitwel is African American but he’s a damn fine actor. Unfortunately he’s not too much of a fan favorite because no one knows how to say his name. That’ll be a mouth full for the trailer’s narrator.

4. Matthew Goode

Matthew Goode is mainly a character actor, but most known for his role as Finn Polmer from The Good Wife. Don’t worry, I lost myself too after I wrote “The Good Wife”.

5. Rosamund Pike

Remember Rosamund Pike from Gone Girl? People are actually interested to see Pike take on the role of Bond (as Jamie Bond maybe?) and seeing how well casting females into well-known male franchises like Ghostbusters is going, I’m sure MGM is on the phone with her agent as we speak.

6. Idris Elba

Idris Elba is actually a kickass choice for Bond, because he has already played so many kickass characters. However if the next Bond VILLAIN is even half his age, he’s screwed. Dude is 43-years-old.

7. Michael Fassbender

Fassbender would actually be a cool choice but the X-Men franchise might have him locked in a little too closely to shoot any other time-consuming franchises. Ian McKellan will have his balls in a vice!

8. Screw it, let’s just bring back Pierce Brosnan

Brosnan notoriously said he was bummed out when he heard he would not be playing Bond again with the role going to newbie Daniel Craig. Maybe it’s time for him to make a 90’s nostalgia comeback?

Your call, Break audience. CHOOSE WISELY. Also, name someone in the comments we didn’t add!


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