An Endless Summer Playlist That Will Keep The Good Tunes Rolling


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Summer simply isn’t summer without the right poolside playlist. And let’s face it, when it comes to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Mandatory Needs, you need us more than anyone.

Here’s a mash-up of 12 summer essentials spanning across while shattering all genres. Listen responsibly. And support your local artists. Now, where’s my margarita?

Matt Costa “Sharon”

His first full-length in five years, Costa returned with a retro rock single to go with his dark yet beautiful concept album. “Sharon” is classic, as though you’ve heard it before yet can’t stop replaying, and the album itself is like a musical novela.

J Cole “KOD”

Kanye all you like, but this is the best hipping and hopping I’ve heard since Jay’s Black Album. The lyrics roll in free-style form, as God intended rap to be. Anything else is unacceptable.

The Palms “Levitate”

Coming off the heels of their first EP, The Palms dropped a “palm-shell” 14-track debut full-length, Mulholland Dr., that includes this highly-infectious single that breathes hip-rock.

National Anthem “Come to California”

Finally, a quintessential California song that doesn’t make us vomit in our cars. Imagine if you will The Doors having a blackout sex party where they traveled to the future and made music babies with The Black Crowes. That’s what you’re listening to here. 

If you like this Venice beach-rock, check out the latest solo electrock by frontman, Tad Jacobs, “Love & Light.” Are we coining all these genres yet?

Flood Coats “Hurricanes”

The music man behind the Glass Castles score has the voice of The Shins with the musical integrity of, well, something that’s been missing on the music scene for some time.

Father John Misty “Date Night”

Josh Tillman is letting the music do the talking these days as he takes more identity and intimacy insecurity and turns it into a recipe for somehow-original folk rock. The man cannot be stopped.

Drake “Nice for What”

We know the ladies love them some Drake so who are we to deprive that which we love? The new album is stacked with songs, including this trending number. Not bad, D.

Mxpx “Let’s Ride”

You’d think a punk band in it for more than 25 years would run out of chord progressions, yet these forefathers of pop punkers are at it again with new songs and an album on the way.

Yuno “No Going Back”

Once you hear it, there’s quite literally no going back. Sub Pop Records is on fire lately.

Post Malone “Better Now”

You should have seen us pre-Malone. It wasn’t pretty, but we’re better now.

Odessa “Paradise”

The first single off her sophomore album, the once-Magnetic Zero is a Jill of all trades producing her own album. This is just a taste (of paradise).

Calvin Harris “One Kiss”

If you need us, we’ll be the ones at the electric festivals with headphones on listening to The Eagles while inserting controlled substances into our bodies, at least until Calvin Harris comes on. Trip responsibly.


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