Lyft Changes Its Strategy, Deploys Hundreds Of Rentable Electric Scooters To Denver


by Jonathan Leack

After seeing hot demand for dockless scooters in major cities across the country, Lyft has officially entered the market. Beginning today, a total of 250 dockless Lyft-branded electric scooters can be rented across the city of Denver, Colorado.

The scooters are able to travel up to blazing speeds of 30 miles per hour, making them an easily accessible way for people to travel short distances without having to worry about traffic and parking. At $1 to access, with a time-based fee of 15 cents per minute, they’re extremely affordable, too. You can only use them during daylight, though, as the scooters will be disabled outside of the hours of 6:00 am and 8:00 pm.

In a recent poll, 25% of Lyft customers said that owning a personal vehicle “isn’t important” to them, prompting Lyft to deploy its army of purple-sticker adorned speed-demons in the city.

Electric scooters and bikes have become a big trend in cities, although many people have found them annoying. Drivers in San Francisco were so annoyed by swarms of scooters being left in the middle of the road that the city effectively outlawed them. Nonetheless, competing companies include Bird, Lime, Spin, and Razer have all experienced tremendous success in charging people to rent their scooters.

Lyft has previously only provided car-based on-demand transportation, making this its first move outside of that domain.


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