Woman Hit With $203,000 Hospital Bill After Accidentally Stepping On Rattlesnake


An unsuspecting Florida woman who was bitten by a rattlesnake as she stepped through her front door now faces a whopping $203,000 medical bill because of the freak occurrence. Cindy Vise, 56, was leaving her home when her daughter Elvan Silva suddenly heard her scream.

“She opened up the door, she took a step out and stepped right on the snake,” Silva said.

A pygmy rattlesnake had been resting on Vise’s doormat and bit her when she tried to leave her home. Emergency services were notified and Vise was rushed to the hospital, where doctors administered several doses of antivenom – at a cost of $20,000 per dose. She was also kept overnight for observation.

Although she has been discharged and is expected to recover, Vise’s circumstances have left her to cover the exorbitant cost on her own. In order to cover the remaining $167,000, Silva set up a GoFundMe pledge drive.

“She didn’t qualify for Medicaid, she doesn’t have a job, no insurance and they were talking about $203,000,” Silva explained.

Source: WPTV


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