The Nun Collectors Poster Drenches Valak in Blood Red Shades of Terror


A new absolutely horrifying and gorgeous poster for The Nun has made its way online. The Conjuring universe just keeps on expanding and the latest entry takes the demon nun Valak that we were introduced to in The Conjuring 2 and focuses on her in an era long before the events of the previous movies. This latest poster bathes Valak in chilling blood red and it’s quite possibly the best poster for the movie we’ve seen yet. Though, the unofficial one that turned the movie into a Sister Act mashup may have something to say about that.

This particular poster is a Dolby Cinema exclusive and was created by artist Alan Robert, whose work was specially selected to help promote the release of The Nun. Upon seeing the image he created, it’s quite easy to see why. Not that there was anything wrong with the main theatrical poster released by the studio, but this is truly a piece of art unto itself, with Valak looming large over Taissa Farmiga’s character, who will be at the center of this new story. Robert, for his part, was quite excited about having his poster selected. Taking to Twitter, the artist had this to say.

“Completely honored to have my poster art selected to help spread the gospel about the greatness of #thenun! Here’s to an incredible opening!”

Warner Bros. and New Line have been giving a pretty heavy, last-minute push for The Nun. They only released one official trailer, which was more of a teaser and have instead focused on TV spots, clips and clever online ads that scared quite a few unsuspecting Youtubers. The studio has also withheld reviews up to this point. There are two reasons for the strategy; either the movie isn’t all that good and they’re trying to keep that under the rug until it debuts or they’re just trying to contain the movie’s secrets for as long as possible.

For the time being, there’s no real reason to be concerned. All of the footage from The Nun that has made its way online so far makes it look like a worthy addition to this universe. Plus, the first Annabelle aside, all of The Conjuring movies have been quite good. At this point, it seems like James Wan and New Line have things figured out quite well and aren’t going to risk releasing another sub-par movie. This has also been billed as the darkest chapter in The Conjuring universe so far, which, if true, is exciting.

Corin Hardy (The Hallow) directs with James Wan producing The Nun is expected to bring in big bucks at the box office this weekend, on pace for a possible record best opening for any movie in the franchise so far. We’ll have to see how critics feel about as reviews begin to make their way online. Be sure to check out the new Dolby Cinema poster for yourself below.

<strong><em>The Nun</em></strong> poster


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