Shooting Victim Asks For Random Acts Of Kindness


Shooting Victim Asks For Random Acts Of Kindness

September 3, 2018

A Dallas man who was shot in the back while driving home is asking people to perform a random act of kindness.

man shot asks for random acts of kindness

Credit: Fox 4 News

Danny Hunter says he was roughly a block from his home when he heard gun fire. Bullets tore through his vehicle, sending fragments into his back.

Hunter says he has no idea who fired the shots or why, but he doesn’t want this random act of violence to take root.

“I’m telling my people to go out and do one random act of kindness for me. Buy that guy a cup of coffee… that old lady in the grocery store, pay for her bill of groceries,” says Hunter.

“You have to practice transforming negativity. I was born poor, black, in the South on Friday the 13th! Right? So, I’ve been transforming negativity for a longtime,” said Hunter.


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