Artistic Or Offensive? Police Create Dead Woman Sandcastle For Funsies


Giving the naked female form an artistic representation, whether its a painting or a sculpture, has been celebrated for centuries. However some people are finding this particular representation created by some police officers more on the offensive side. Chime in with our Break Poll at the bottom!

This particular piece of work was created for a sand castle competition between two groups of police departments having a fun day at the beach. One team decided to go a different route instead of the usual castle look, creating a dead totally nude female victim, complete with a hand shovel stabbed into her back and police tape surrounding the work.

Even though a lot of people found the piece offensive after the Truro, Cornwall police had posted it onto their social media pages, it turns out the sculpture did in fact win the competition.

A lot of the people offended said that it reminded the seaside community of the loved ones that they had lost during boating accidents over the years. The officers involved heard everyone’s grievances and replied by saying “The sand sculpture competition was entered in good faith and no staff have meant to cause any offense. The event was a great success for all those involved, and if any offense has been cause by the nature of the sculpture, this was never intended and we apologise for that.”

We’ll see what they come up with next year!


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