You'll Want To Own 'The Survival Capsule' When The End Of The World Comes


The end of days could come at any moment. It’s a terrifying reality that most people aren’t aware of but the inventors of this Survival Capsule want you to know that not only is it okay to keep this sort of reality on your radar, but that you’ll be more than safe if you purchase one of their Survival Capsules. It also looks kinda fun too.

Survival Capsule or a really interesting guest house.

Because of the tsunami that struck Japan in 2011, engineers who worked with the US Aerospace Corp developed a way for people to survive such nightmarish catastrophes. The designers say the Capsule is built to essentially survive any type of disaster plus you’ll just look boss while everyone runs around trying to cover their ass.

More like The Life Star.

The Capsule can not only be tethered to its base, not allowing one to be adrift when the apocalypse happens but these Capsules can also come with surround sound and a toilet! It’s like Pimp My Ride for Doomsday survivalists! Personally, it reminds me of the scene in Spaceballs when everyone jumps into their pods to avoid the destruction of Dark Helmet’s ship.

You can order a Capsule that holds anywhere from two people to ten people. This sounds great, but just imagine if you were a loner and the big one is about to hit. You jump in your capsule, have an open seat and your super annoying neighbor comes running to ask if he can take the extra spot. What do you do?!

So how much is this awesome thing?! Right now, the creators of the Survival Capsule aren’t saying but are gladly taking pre-orders for those that have no limit on their survival budgets. Order one HERE if you’d like to see 2017.



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