You Know You Wanna See Nigeria's 'Hairiest Woman' Showing Off Her Curves


When you’re given the title “Nigeria’s Hairest Woman”, you really gotta own it and show it off no matter what the haters think. At least that’s what Nonyerem Okafor has been up to, posting various selfies to her social media just like any other queen out there. Only, y’know, with way more hair and way more haters.

Now that Okafor is engaged to be married, she’s upping her selfie posts, proud to show off the person that she truly is. Before, she actually tried to remove the hair as best she could, but that apparently only caused the hair to grow back thicker and darker than before. Today, she has decided to own it after finding a man that can appreciate her true identity.

Hey, I know what you’re thinking. That looks like a dude. Well of course it does! It’s a human with a full beard and hairy chest. But beyond those features, that is definitely a woman.

The 29-year-old says she noticed the hair starting to come in when she was just 21-years-old and quickly felt the need to hide it. When you’re young, you feel the need to impress people that just aren’t worth your time. But being the bearded lady badass that she is, she decided to just rock the look because that’s just what God gave her.

Now that you’ve seen Nigeria’s Hairest Woman, we have one final question to ask you. And it’s an important one. Be honest.

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