You Have Time: Get Dad Something Cool


boy and Father. Photo: CSA Images/Archive (Getty)

Look, Father’s Day may just be a cynical holiday created by greeting card companies to sell more Fathers, but blowing it off is a sure way to get yourself written out of that will so better to be safe than sorry.

All kidding aside, Dad is a tough job and the least you can do is award the old man with something he’ll enjoy on June 17th. Or if you’re buddy has recently been greeted at the door with a little plastic applicator and two blue lines, why not help alleviate the panic with a neat gadget?


These tiny little speakers weigh only about 19 ounces but pack up to 12 hours of playing time on a single charge and have bass enough for speakers 100 times its weight. Featuring 360-degree sound, “Bass-Up” amplification, and a little mini-light show, it turns Dad’s den into a mini-Ibiza



Whether he’s making healthy smoothies or “night smoothies” (known in some languages as “daiquiris”), every Dad could either use a blender or use a better one. The Nutri Ninja Pro Blender is reasonably priced, comes with BPA-free cups, and just has more style than your average blender.



Not only is this one of the biggest and best movies of the year, at its heart it is about fathers and sons and what it means to let go and….you’re already weeping, aren’t you?



Help Dad rekindle the spark with Mom, or help him up his dating game, with these pre-packaged Date Night starters. He’s always saying he’s “not dead yet,” so help him show it.


No longer just a GPS, this new Garmin syncs with Amazon Alexa and can create to-do lists, check calendars, and give weather updates. It also has a built-in dash cam.



Everything a burly Dad needs all in one handy (and easily-shipped) box. Beard wash, beard styling butter, and a beard-specific comb will make sure he’s more stylish man of the world and less “guy with the limp who’s always hanging around the city dump.”



Strike back the man who taught you the value of a “Dad joke” with one of your own. You can purchase “fake-out” boxes (like this one, purporting to be an ingenious pancake griddle/alarm clock combo) which you can then stuff with whatever real gift you got him – like a T-shirt that is in no way a complete letdown after he thinks he’s getting a pancake griddle alarm clock. Trust us.


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