Workers Finally Catch Whos Been Moving Cones Into The Road. Then They Learn Why…


Workers Finally Catch Who’s Been Moving Cones Into The Road. Then They Learn Why…

December 6, 2016

Construction workers in New Zealand were shocked after discovering that a mischievous group of kea birds had been dragging traffic cones into the middle of the road.

Even more bizarre, the workers now think the birds were listening out for cars and then positioning the cones to get them to stop in the hopes of getting fed.

kea birds traffic cones in road

Keas, a parrot-like bird that lives in Alpine regions of New Zealand’s South Island, are known for being particularly intelligent.

The road featured in the video is a popular tourist route for day trips to the Milford Sound, with regular stops along the way for visitors to take pictures.

Kevin Thompson, road alliance manager for Milford, told Newshub that the keas have worked out that stopped vehicles typically means people with food.

The video was taken at one end of a one-way tunnel, where the flow of traffic alternates between either end, meaning it stops for a few minutes at a time as it changes over.

“We think the Kea listen for the cars in the tunnel and move the road cones between the streams of traffic,” said Thompson.

When the cars emerge from the tunnel, the birds are hoping they will be forced to stop, and may hand out some food while they’re there.

Watch the video here:


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