Woman’s Breast Implants Travel To Her Stomach!


For Today in Fascinating Medical Oddities we go to China. That is where a middle aged woman discovered that her breasts were sagging. However this was not the typical 40-something boob droop. The woman named Wang was horrified as her breasts were shrinking while at the same time she seemed to be developing bit of a pot belly. Not the best “bikini ready” look.

Wang went to the doctor to see what was up with her odd body formations. That is where she discovered that her breast implants she had received in the early 2000’s had descended into her belly area. Hmmm. I wonder what is happening to me if my moobs are getting bigger while my gut is also getting bigger?

In ‘Merica we call this situation at “Number 4.”

She had received injections in here breasts with the substance “Amazingel” which contains an ingredient polyacrylamide hydrogel which was banned shortly after she got the botched boob job.

Scientists had discovered that the substance used in Wang’s breasts caused health complications. In addition to causing cancer Amazingel had the weird effect of moving to other parts of the body. So women would end up with their boob augmentations traveling to their stomachs and sometimes even their arms.

That’s a weird place for a boob. Luckily Wang caught it and time and doctors were able to remove her breast implants from her abdomen.

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