Woman Tries To Cash In On Muhammad Ali Sex Tape


Muhammad Ali

An ex-girlfriend is trying to cash in like Kim Kardashian by selling a Muhammad Ali sex tape. 

Barbara Mensah has come out of the woods since Ali passed away. She claims Ali fathered her daughter, Kiiursti. She also wants $100,000 for a sex tape filmed at one of the “gumbo parties” after Ali’s fights. 

“They used to call them gumbo parties – it was a mix of everything.” 

Mensah told the Sunday People: “I know the value of the footage.” 

“No one has anything like this. I’d like to get as much as I can for it,” Mensah, now 70, told the Mirror. “Muhammad couldn’t keep away from a pretty girl whether he was married or not.”

Mensah describes the footage as depicting group sex between Ali, his friends, and several different women: “There would be Ali and a few of his guys and then about a dozen or more girls.

Barbara says she had a 20-year affair with Ali. She also claims a 1988 paternity test proves Kiiursti is his daughter. She’s also posted photos of her daughter as an infant with Ali on Facebook. She says he saw her regularly until she was five-years-old. Then, visits became less frequent. The last time Kiiursti saw Ali, she was 13. She’s now 35-years-old. 


Ali’s funeral was held last week. Barbara attended along with 100,000 other people. Barbara says that Ali’s widow Lonnie attempted to stop her from being there. 

“It really, really hurts and only time will ease the pain R.I.P until we meet again” Barbara wrote on Facebook.

“I’m so glad I came to say goodbye to my love you were always there for me I never would have miss your home going for the world.”

She added: “Yes she tried to keep me from you in life and in death but here I am at the private funeral. R.I.P. my love.”

Please remember, she’s now selling his sex tape. 

Barbara claims Lonnie barred her and her daughter out of Ali’s life after he became ill from disease Parkinson. 


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