Woman Prevents Kidnapping By Pretending To Be The Young Girland#039;s Mother


Woman Prevents Kidnapping By Pretending To Be The Young Girl’s Mother

February 25, 2018

A mother dropping her child off at school is being hailed as a hero for preventing the kidnapping of a young girl.

hero woman saves girl from kidnapper
Amy / KTLA 5 News

Amy Martinez, 12, was walking to middle school in Santa Ana, California, when she was confronted by a woman.

“She just came up to me and went like this,” Amy said, simulating a bear-hug. “And then she started walking with me away.”

Amy screamed out for help and that’s when a good Samaritan, who wanted to remain anonymous, saw what was happening and quickly jumped into action.

“Our good Samaritan was driving south on Main Street after dropping her child off to school. She sees our suspect, who has our 12 year old victim in a one armed bear hug, dragging her down the street,” Cpl. Anthony Bertagna with the Santa Ana Police Department told KTLA.

The woman told the suspect that she was Amy’s mother and demanded that she let Amy go.

“I was basically yelling, ‘Let her go,’ so as soon as my voice changed, she let her go and Amy walked into my car,” the good Samaritan told ABC 13.

The woman then took Amy to school and called the police.

Amy said she considers the woman who came to her aid a hero

“I want to say thank you for saving my life and you’re my hero,” she said.

Santa Ana police arrested the woman for the kidnapping attempt.

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