Woman Asks Tattoo Artist For Yin Yang Symbol, He Gave Her A Penis Instead


Not many people realize the amount of trust you’re putting in someone to give you a proper back tattoo, let alone the tattoo you chose. But one tattoo artist decided to not give a 21-year-old woman the very run of the mill Yin Yang symbol she asked for…so he decided to give her something a little more original; a big penis with the word “Fuck” next to it.

The woman received her new tattoo in St. Polten in Lower Austria, also known as the land of random dick tattoos. The tattoo artist clearly had an evil side to him because he actually drew a template for the Yin Yang symbol on her back and used a mirror to show her the initial look. The woman approved and then came the actual ink work, but the tattoo artist had something much different in mind. The woman however didn’t notice the dick tattoo until she got home and of course freaked out when she was finally able to unwrap the tattoo hours later and check it out for herself.

Of course the authorities got involved and the tattoo artist went to jail because, well, dick tattoos just wasn’t the woman’s thing. When he appeared in court and the judge asked him why the hell he decided to give the woman a filthy dick and the word “fuck” on her back, he replied with “Just because.” Maybe next time his shop should have a sign that reads “No Ying Yang Symbols Allowed” just to be clear. The tattoo artist was sentenced to three and a half years in jail for what he did.

If it’s any consolation to the young lady, it could be worse. The tattoo artist could’ve been a bad speller.



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