Why Kelly Ripa Won't Leave 'Live!' Despite Her Anger At ABC

Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa may be fumed at Disney and ABC Studios for not informing her in advance of Michael Strahan’s departure from “Live!” to take on a gig at “Good Morning America,” but some close to the situation say she’s not going anywhere.

Ripa is currently snubbing the broadcast by being a no-show after Tuesday’s announcement by Strahan that he’s leaving. She called in sick on Wednesday and left early for her vacation with husband, Mark Consuelos and their children. Her absence is being taken as a threat – possibly a show of resolve to leave her role on “Live!” as well.

TMZ reports that sources connected with the production don’t believe Ripa will exit the show because of her paycheck and exorbitant spending habits. Insiders reveal that ABC isn’t the least bit worried Kelly will quit because she makes $15 million a year and she manages to keep most of it spent.

Ripa and her husband purchased a massive townhouse on NYC’s Upper East Side last year and they have a sprawling mansion in The Hamptons.

“She makes a lot of money, but she spends a lot of money, and so does he,” one source told the site.

Surely the network doesn’t appreciate Kelly unabashedly walking out the door to leave early for vacation. If they’d put any thought into how this would’ve panned out on Tuesday, they should’ve expected some kind of unfavorable reaction. No one seems concerned and figured this was par for the course. By virtue of the fact Ripa feels disrespected and betrayed, naturally she wasn’t going to stick around this week.

In the real world, Kelly Ripa is coming off as a bit of a diva. In show business, however, this happens from time to time. If one star feels slighted, they react with absenteeism or arrive to the studio late. If they’re really lit, they won’t sign another contract with the network.

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