Vicki Gunvalson Ruined Friendship With Tamra Judge During ‘RHOC’ Hiatus?


Tamra Judge

Vicki Gunvalson has been caught up in a lie on the previous season of The Real Housewives of Orange County where her boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, was caught lying about his cancer. While the truth never came out about him having cancer, Brooks was caught lying about his medical records. All of Vicki’s co-stars questioned their friendships with her, and they told producers that they didn’t want to film with her anymore. Vicki is back on the show, but it sounds like she’s in need of friends. According to a new report, Vicki Gunvalson is no longer friends with Tamra Judge. Apparently, Vicki did something Tamra can’t forgive.

“My relationship with Vicki right now is non-existent because of something she did,” Tamra recently revealed to Bravo, adding, “I’m re-evaluating and realizing I don’t really need toxic people in my life that talk badly about me and my family and then call themselves my friends, so I am at a crossroads with her.” 

Many people are wondering if this has something to do with Brooks, but it sounds like the truth may be revealed during this new season, which starts on June 20th. She now says that “too many things have happened” for them to ever be friends again. “It’s hard because she has been on the show for a long time. Her and I have been together for how many years?” Tamra said. “She was fun at times, but I don’t know. Sometimes, you just have to cut the evil out.”

But there is a new housewife on the show that could stir up some trouble. 

“I think that shaking things up is an understatement when it comes to her. I have personally never met anybody like her,” Tamra explained about the new housewife, Kelly Dodd, adding, “People say, ‘I tell it like it is.’ This girl doesn’t care whose feelings she hurts. She’ll tell it like it is. If she thinks you’re ugly, she’ll tell you you’re ugly. There’s zero filter. That obviously has caused a lot of trouble with a lot of people on the show. So she probably has conflict with every single one of the cast members.”

What do you think Vicki Gunvalson did to Tamra to make her end their friendship?


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