Uma Thurman Is Coming For Harvey Weinstein’s Ass Soon


Uma Thurman


During the first wave of the #MeToo movement after it was learned Harvey Weinstein was using his company as a front for actress sex trafficking, Uma Thurman purposefully chose to be measured and logical. Remember this interview with Access Hollywood last month when Uma Thurman had to fight the urge to impale the interviewer’s head on her own microphone and ended with “and when I’m ready, I’ll say what I have to say”? Remember that?





Some women hop on Twitter and Facebook and tell their #MeToo stories while every else is doing it, and other women sit back, get all their ducks in a row, calculate every possible scenario and response, then decapitate you when you thought it was safe to walk outside. Guess which one Uma is? If there’s any woman in a position to bring down Harvey Weinstein, it’s Uma Thurman. Anybody who has ever wronged Uma Thurman better be getting their wills updated, because Beatrix Kiddo is about to ride in on one of Khaleesi’s dragons.


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