UFC Reportedly Bans Reporters For Reporting Brock Lesnar Return

Brock Lesnar

Three reporters say they were escorted out of UFC 199 on Saturday night for reporting that Brock Lesnar will return in July. 

Ariel Helwani broke the news that the UFC and Lesnar were in serious talks to finalize a deal before the promo aired, which featured Lesnar. It was supposed to be the big announcement and Helwani ruined it while covering the UFC 199 event. However, as a journalist, he was doing his job. It has been widely speculated for years now that Lesnar wanted to come back. 

Helwani, E. Casey Leydon, and Esther Lin were escorted out of the building before the main event. All three had their media passes taken away and were also banned for life. As they are MMA journalists, a lifetime ban from the sport they cover threatens their ability to make a living. 

Helwani reported the Lesnar story alone. The other two had nothing to do with his report. However, all three work for the same publication. 

The UFC has banned reporters and refused media credentials before

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