Tyga’s Bodyguard Got Killed


Not sure why he needed one, but Tyga had a bodyguard. He died in the most fucked up way possible.

Arlester Henderson — known as Punch to Tyga and his crew — was at the wheel early Wednesday morning when he got into a collision with another vehicle on the 10 freeway. Cops say Punch got out of his SUV to check on people in the other car. That’s when he was struck and killed by a passing car. Tyga’s rep tells TMZ the rapper is “devastated, shocked and heartbroken.” Henderson was 29.

Christ. If there’s any good news here, its that he no longer has to work for Tyga. The bad news is he’s dead. The worse news is that he died going out of his way to help strangers. Which is how Zack Snyder thinks all superheroes should die, because he’s “dark” you see.

Here’s Annalu Cardoso. Tyga banged her a few times. That should cheer him up.

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