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Today in Metal Monday we have sad news to report. The legendary former drummer for Megadeth Nick Menza died on Saturday night of a heart attack while performing. The 51-year-old was playing drums with his instrumental jazz band OHM at a club in Studio City, California called The Baked Potato when he collapsed mid performance. Paramedics tried to revive him before he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

As any self-respecting metal head knows Menza was the drummer for Megadeth from 1990 until 1998 performing on their biggest albums in what fans consider the “classic lineup.”

 Megadeth founder, lead singer Dave Mustaine tweeted out his shock when heard of his former bandmate’s passing:

If you are not familiar with Menza’s work on Megadeth’s 1990 album, Rust in Peace, this serious music publication sums up perfectly and literally its place in music history:

He died doing what he loves, and that is the most metal way to go. Rust in peace Nick Menza.  These videos below pay a small tribute to the monster drummer.

What is your favorite Nick Menza era Megadeth song?

Megadeth Holy Wars Nick Menza Drums Only

Nick did a series of videos playing his drum tracks from classic Megadeth songs and it is beautifully brutal.

Megadeth Wake Up Dead Nick Menza Drums Only


Nick Menza Drum Cam: The Conjuring Live, 1990

Nick Menza Drum Cam: Rattlehead Live, 1990

Nick Menza Drum Solo

Nick Menza and OHM Prove Jazz Is Metal

Moment Of Silence At Megadeth Concert

Megadeth went ahead with a scheduled concert on Sunday and Dave Mustaine held a moment of silence for Nick.

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