‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Has A Teaser Trailer. Who Asked For This?


Transformers: The Last Knight

“If nobody will kill Mark Wahlberg’s career, then I will” – actual dialogue I hope

Anything that starts with an Anthony Hopkins voiceover shouldn’t be proceeded by an emo auto-tuned Flaming Lips cover, CGI robots and a little girl the studio got to say they added diversity to the cast. Yet here we are. We’ve arrived at yet another Michael Bay bukkakke Transformer movie called, Transformers: The Last Knight. I assume the focus group they paid in bagels understood the play on words and gave it the thumbs up. In the trailer, Anthony Hopkins asks, “You want to know don’t, you? Why they keep coming here.” It’s clear he’s not talking about these Transformers movies and theaters. Maybe one day we’ll find answer.

“Forgive me” are the last words of the trailer. I think even they know.


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