Tom Hanks' Response To A Fan Letter Proves He's The Coolest Guy Ever


It’s not surprising that Tom Hanks has completed yet another good deed for one of his fans before the year comes to a close. Two years ago he invited his cab driver to see his Broadway play with an invite to see him backstage. Last year Hanks found someone’s Student ID in a random parking lot, tweeted it out and successfully found the owner. Today, Hanks upped his good deed ante after responding to a fan who made a curious bet. What a guy!

The fan’s bet was to see who in the group of friends could get a signed headshot from a famous actor first. They all decided that Tom Hanks would be the coolest goal to have but no one in the group really forward on winning the bet. However one girl in the group, who really loves to win, decided to go for broke and write Tom Hanks a letter and get it to him somehow, someway. With a little homework, the girl found an appropriate address to mail the letter and figured that was pretty much that. She did her best.

Shortly after sending the note addressed to Tom Hanks, she actually received a reply from Tom Hanks himself. Holy shit. Awesome.

When Zen sent her letter in, she included a photo of herself just to give Hanks an idea that she wasn’t some snarled crazy person. She picked an old photo she had where she’s posing with a llama and I guess Hanks couldn’t help himself but to respond.

Here’s what Zen said after she posted Tom Hanks’ response on Facebook.

The fact that it’s not some random email but a signed letter, written with a typewriter on “Hanx” stationary is just pretty badass. The nice “Throw deep. Always.” is also nice words to live by.

One question remains though; what did Zen and her friends actually bet??

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