Those Claymation Holiday Movies From Your Childhood Are Actually Terrifying


One of the best parts about the holiday season as a child was watching those Christmas Claymation films from the 1960s. You remember the ones: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! A Claymation Christmas Celebration! The Little Drummer Boy! They were so festive. So fun. So pure.

But also so terrifying. The old-school, doughy animation makes some of the characters in these cheery holiday classics look super scary. Seriously! Watch these movies again with a fresh pair of eyes, and you’ll see some disturbing imagery. We don’t know if it’s the pointed eyebrows, razor-sharp teeth, fire hair, or all of the above, but we certainly wouldn’t want a few of these Claymation characters at our holiday gatherings this year. Allow this truly scarring photo story to explain.

Admit it: Dolly for Sue from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer looks like she’s possessed by a serial killer and will begin her blood bath on December 26.

dolly for sue.jpg

PHOTO: Will Vinton/CBS

And these dinosaurs from A Claymation Christmas Celebration? They’ll eat you for Christmas dinner and save your remains as presents for next year.


PHOTO: Will Vinton/CBS

Hermey the Elf’s eyebrows here make him look so evil. And he wants to be a dentist. Stay away from my molars, crazy!


PHOTO: Will Vinton/CBS

Yup, the Little Drummer Boy is 100 percent calling from inside the house in this 1968 Claymation film.

little drummer boy.jpg

PHOTO: Will Vinton/CBS

The Heat Miser is literally made out of fire. In other words, he’s Satan himself and is probably responsible for the doll’s possession.


PHOTO: Will Vinton/CBS

I would never answer the door for this scamming, menacing snowman.


PHOTO: Will Vinton/CBS

The Snow Miser is Hellraiser and Mr. Freeze’s deranged grandfather who probably eats human flesh as an amuse-bouche.

scary 2.jpg

PHOTO: Will Vinton/CBS

The Abominable Snowman will haunt your dreams tonight.


PHOTO: Will Vinton/CBS

But not as much as this doctor will.

the year without santa claus doctor.jpg

PHOTO: Will Vinton/CBS



PHOTO: Will Vinton/CBS

I leave you with Yukon Cornelius, who seems strong and friendly at first but is actually wielding a weapon.


PHOTO: Will Vinton/CBS

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