Thor Ragnarok: What We Know


Marvel Studios for the first time in 2017 will be releasing 3 films in theaters, and that has fans pretty excited. We will be getting the much anticipated sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy, which is shaping up to be a pretty great sounding sequel. Not only is James Gunn hard at work with Chris Pratt and the gang, but Spider-Man: Homecoming is also on the way, which will be the first solo Spidey film in the Marvel Cinematic universe. Tom Holland killed it in Captain America: Civil War, and we absolutely can’t wait to see what he can do in a full length movie.

Amidst all of that excitement though is the looming conclusion of the Thor trilogy. Thor: Ragnarok was announced along with the rest of Marvel’s phase 3 slate a while back and at the time it seemed unlikely that the movie would be able to rise above the noise being generated by every other awesome thing the studio has coming down the pipeline. The first Thor film was an enjoyable enough origin story, but Thor: The Dark World was something of a disappointment for some fans and many rank it pretty low down on their overall MCU rankings, so that may have tapered some excitement for the movie leading up to now. That being said, it is very possible that Thor 3 could wind up being the best Thor film yet and the most anticipated film for the studio in 2017.

Not only will Chris Hemsworth be returning to wield his hammer Mjolnir, but Loki and a whole bunch of bad guys are along for the ride as well. Oh, and Mark Ruffalo is totally going to be in at as the Hulk too. Kevin Feige and the rest of the team behind the film are clearly pulling absolutely no punches when it comes to closing out The God of Thunder’s solo trilogy, and we are going to be better off for it. They have hired a very promising director, cast some amazing new talent and are adapting some very beloved, long craved for Marvel Comics source material. If you aren’t excited yet, you will be, because here is everything we know about Thor: Ragnarok as the film gears up for production.



It would be near impossible, or at the very least nonsensical to do a Thor movie without Thor himself so of course, Chris Hemsworth is on board for the film. When we last left our hero at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, he had just started unraveling the mystery of the Infinity Stones thanks to that very strange hot tub scene. We think. So, he intended to head back to the cosmos and Asgard in order to seek answers, which will very likely tie into his motivations when it comes to what he will be doing in Ragnarok.

For those that may not know, one thing that wasn’t touched adapted to the screen for Civil War, likely because Thor wasn’t in it, was the Thor plot line that had Tony Stark and Hank Pym work together to make a robot clone of Thor. The clone was known as, you guessed it, Ragnarok. So, though we don’t know exactly how that will factor into the plot of the film or even if there will actually be a robotic Thor clone, that is something worth noting. It is very possible that Marvel just used it as a cool title, but that is very unlikely. Hemsworth is perfect as Thor, but the character has seemed to fit better into the ensemble of The Avengers so far in the MCU. Ragnarok is the chance for Thor to finally have a truly great solo film, which has been sorely lacking from the Marvel Universe so far.



Though the complaints that have been lobbied against the MCU as a whole are few and far between, one of the main issues people tend to have is ver disposable, underdeveloped villains. There is one unquestionable exception to that, and that exception is Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Hiddleston has appeared in both solo Thor films as the trickster God and was also the primary villain in The Avengers. All three times, Loki has managed to steal the show to some degree or another.

Hiddleston will definitely be back for Thor: Ragnarok, which makes sense given that the last time we saw him was at the end of Thor: The Dark World. As it stands, he had managed to take on the appearance of Odin and is essentially running Asgard right now, even though Thor has no idea. Some time has passed since then, Loki has had a lot of time to do some damage. He will definitely not be the primary antagonist of the movie, but he will certainly be making his usual amount of trouble. The only potentially sad thing for some fans is that there have been very strong rumors that this will be Hiddleston’s last time playing Loki, but that has yet to be confirmed. It is very unlikely that Marvel would kill the character off, unless it really served the story, but fans may need to be prepared to say goodbye to Loki in the MCU in one way or another.


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