This Toy Train Track Illusion Is Blowing Everyone's Minds Right Now

Sometimes you see an optical illusion and it just makes sense after a few seconds. This illusion however seems to be dumbfounding a ton of people with some still scratching their heads as to how the hell it works.

Marc Settle who recently discovered this illusion (and filmed the above video) says he was simply putting away his son’s wooden toy train tracks, only this time felt the need to stack them instead of tossing them back into the toy box like usual. After unstacking two of the tracks, he noticed one track seemed to be growing in size before his very eyes. After putting the track back on top of the “smaller” track, the “larger” track seemed to shrink down to the same size of the smaller track. What…the fuck?

This illusion can be easily explained and is not the work of the devil as we believed five minutes ago. It’s actually called the Jastrow Illusion, discovered and explained by Joseph Jastrow in 1892. That’s right, 1892…clearly we haven’t grown much in the smarts department.

Okay, that’s great that there’s a name for it but we still don’t know how it works! Easy, check out this graph and it’ll all make sense in two seconds.

The one piece being moved from the top of the second piece isn’t growing or shrinking in size at all. It is still the same size, it’s just that what looks even on one side (the two diagonal sides aligned on the left), is actually shifted to the right to keep those diagonal edges in alignment, giving the illusion that the right side of the piece has grown in length.

Shift the bottom piece to the left, aligning the top points, and you’ll see they’re still very much the same size.

Now that’s some tasty science for ya!

Go forth this weekend and strike up a conversation with some sexy stranger and wreak havoc on their brain with this optical illusion. Then swoon them by explaining it. Works every time. Not really, but worth a shot at least.


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