This Guy Ordered A Plain Cheeseburger At McDonald's. What He Got Was Hilarious.


A man who went to McDonald’s in search of a plain cheeseburger left with the equivalent of a grilled cheese sandwich after an employee forgot the most crucial ingredient: the burger patty. Alex Moran, who’s from the UK, returned from his lunch break with just enough time to fulfill his craving before discovering the frustrating screw-up.

“I couldn’t believe it. The first thing I did was show one of my work friends who immediately started laughing,” he told The Sun. “I didn’t take it back because I didn’t have enough time left on my lunch. 

“I was a bit annoyed at first but saw the humor in it,” Moran continued.

For its part, McDonald’s issued a statement addressing the snafu. 

“We apologise for this inconvenience and believe it happened following the wrong interpretation of what Mr Moran ordered,” the statement read. “We would encourage him to get in touch with our customer care team, who is best placed to look into this.”

Reading between the lines, it appears that the employee in charge of preparing the burger took “plain” to mean “get rid of everything but the cheese to make it a literal plain cheeseburger.” While Moran will likely be offered a free meal as compensation, maybe McDonald’s should instead start selling grilled cheese sandwiches. That could turn an unfortunate situation into a yummy situation. 

Source: The Sun


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