This Girl Looks Like A Horrific Monster After Getting Poison Ivy On Her Eyes!


I recently created a Break gallery of some of my favorite body horror transformation GIFS. These scenes from horror movies in which the human body is transformed into gross creatures, melting piles of goo or inserted into a human centipede truly freak me out. Imagine waking up to discovering your own body has morphed into something seemingly non-human? For a young woman in Newington, Connecticut this terror became a reality. She woke up to look like this:

What have you done to her eyes?!

Emily Petrozza, a 21-year-old noticed a small rash on her arm a few days ago. When she went to bed the red dots had also moved to her eyelids. She has had poison ivy several times in the past and didn’t think much of it. However when she woke up, she could barely open her eyes and when she looked in the mirror she burst into tears at the horror. Sadly getting poison ivy on your eyes does not turn you into Uma Thurman from the BEST Batman film of all time.

At first when I saw this picture I thought perhaps this was some new body modification craze like the “bagel head” fad in Japan.

Donut bring back this dumb fad.

However this is something I don’t recommend replicating. Emily is not sure exactly how she got the poison in the first place, although she reports that she regularly goes fishing and takes care of feral cats. Something tells me this might have been the culprit:

She says that it was really hard to get to sleep and that the back of her eyeballs itch.

Emily’s sisterLauren, tweeted out photos of her poor sister at the doctor’s office which was quickly retweeted 27K times.

Some thought she looked like the thing from Pan’s Labyrinth.

Not to worry, after a friend took her to the doctor, she has been taking some meds and resting her peepers. Emily’s body horror experience is over and the swelling has gone down.

Where is the worst place you have ever gotten poison ivy on your body?

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