The Victoria's Secret Catalog Has Come To An End


Even though nostalgia for your childhood is coming back in a big way, there are certain things we’ll just never have again, especially for men, because the famed Victoria’s Secret catalog will be no more. Thursday’s mailings will apparently be the last catalog the world will ever appreciate and the internet is not taking it so well.

Years before the internet existed, and at least those first few years of terrible dial-up and AOL, young men used what they could to release a lot of their tensions. Our imaginations weren’t equipped to give us the content we really needed to fill those hourly wants (literally, almost every hour) so we used what we could, thanks to our mother’s various catalog subscriptions. There was the lingerie section in the JCPenney catalog. Also the Sears catalog. But neither of those would do after teenage boys finally discovered…Victoria’s Secret.

Also known as the holy grail of chicks at a certain time, it was really the only publication a young teen could easily get his hands on. Outside of those weird kids that would bring porn mags to school, it was really all we had. Sure, you could find your dad’s dirty magazine but you’d eventually have to put it back, right? But with Victoria’s Secret, one would notice when their mom would throw it away and then it was yours forever.

But why would VS get rid of their catalog that has been around since 1977? Why would they take away what we have cherished for so many decades?!

From a classic 1979 VS photoshoot.

Victoria Secret is ending their catalog to aim for the more digital-friendly masses. It apparently costs around $150 million to produce the catalog every year so it’s all about saving money. If you ask me, they should pick up where Playboy had left off by offering totally nude VS models because people are still pissed about THAT whole decision. But, as far as numbers are concerned, can we really blame the lingerie chain? We live in an age where a kid doesn’t even need VS anymore. They can look up a photo of a butthole in 3 seconds while filling up their Sprite at the local McDonalds!

Maybe ending nudes in Playboy and now the VS catalog is like finally emerging from the golden era of television where everyone could only watch shows in black and white. Now we get much cooler things like virtual reality and Pornhub! Regardless, it still hurts a little bit that everything we cherished as teens is slowly disappearing like the sands of time. Sure, the catalog was meant more for women who wanted to order lingerie and undies but it meant more to us dudes, dammit!

However VS is not only ending their catalog subscription, they’re also no longer going to be selling bikinis OR clothes…which is less interesting but hey, it means maybe you won’t have to wait for your wife to finish shopping for hours on end because there won’t be a whole lot to choose from anytime soon! We’re heading into a 100% digital shopping era, people.





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