The King Has Fallen, NBA Playoffs Up For Grabs: Stephen Curry's Knee Injury

Stephen Curry

Everything about the NBA playoffs changed when Warriors guard Stephen Curry slipped in a wet spot and went down, grabbing his knee. He made an attempt to return to the game for the second half but couldn’t. He returned to the locker room and stayed there. 

Curry will need an MRI and he’ll get it on Monday. But, it doesn’t look good for the security of the kingdom.

There’s nobody guarding The Wall to the Seven Kingdoms. 

Not a lot of things in life are guaranteed but the Warriors are the best basketball team ever. They were almost a lock to make it to the NBA Finals. Then, this happened. 

Sure, it could be nothing but the king has fallen and the kingdom is up for grabs. Suddenly, it looks like the Western Conference can be conquered. 

It’s Fast the Furious with no Paul Walker. 

It’s praying to the basketball gods for mercy and purposing an alternative self-sacrifice. 

It’s grown men crying. 

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