The Best iPhone Accessories to Take Your iPhone Use to the Next Level


If you are an iPhone user, the simplicity and unique style of iPhone must be some of your reasons why you love this phone.

Nowadays, phones aren’t just a tool to make emergency phone calls or to touch base with relatives; they’re a sense of identity. They are seemingly glued to the palm of your hands, and people even accessorize them to further display elements of their personality, and give the phone an enhancement in terms of functionality and appearance.

This list of iPhone accessories is what you need to take your iPhone use to the next level.

1. Square Jellyfish Jelly Grip Tripod

This extremely lightweight tripod is perfect for hands-free use. Whether you’re watching a how-to video and you need to use your hands, or you’re trying to take a family photo, this accessory is a must. It even features a lifetime warranty!

Best For: The iPhone User who needs a helping hand.

Square Jellyfish Jelly Grip Tripod – $17.49

2. The Great Pyramid Dock

This brilliant iPhone dock was inspired by the Khufu Pyramid. Thanks to the sturdy yet minimalistic structure, you can easily charge your phone or listen to music while still leaving space on your desk or nightstand.

Perfect For: The iPhone user who loves to multi-task stylishly. This dock even features bult-in speakers!

The Great Pyramid Dock – $19.99

3. Bobine Blackout iPhone Cable Mount

This mount works on a monitor and in your car to create a second computer screen or a navigation and hands-free calling option.

Best For: The iPhone user who appreciates multiple options in one accessory.

BOBINE BLACKOUT Everywhere Mount iPhone Lightning Car Dock – $39.95

4. ALLDOCK Electric Charging Station

All dock allows you to find your ideal charging station to fit all your devices in one easy place. It allows you to avoid messy cables and having to charge multiple devices all over your home.

Best For: The Apple family with multiple devices.

Alldock Charging Stations – $129

5. SANDMARC iPhone Photography Lenses

Admit it, when you use the portrait mode on your camera, you feel like a professional, right? Well now it’s time to take your iPhone photography to the next level. These photography lenses come in three editions: Macro, Wide and Fisheye. Each lens comes as a complete iPhone photography package that includes a clip and case mount for different iPhone models.

Best For: The Instagram addict.

SANDMARC iPhone Photography Lenses- $79.99

6. BatteryPro Apple Watch Portable Charger

Portable chargers are always a must have, and this one is a game-changer. This portable battery fits neatly in your back pocket, and can hold a charge for two weeks. The charger is magnetic, and you simply flip over the built-in StowStrap to secure your device. This stops the Apple Watch from falling around in your bag and protects the screen. The BatteryPro has a high-speed USB outlet to charge your iPhone. It keeps your handset running for more than three days, thanks to a large 8,000mAh capacity.

Best For: The busy gadget lover in your life.

BatteryPro Apple Watch Portable Charger – $100

7. VAIN STHLM Commute Headphones

These wireless headphones connect using Bluetooth and deliver CD-like quality audio. They feature built-in controls on the ear cup to ensure ease of use while listening to your favorite music or podcast. They also reduce outside noise, while the microphone reduces wind noise while you talk.

Best For: The Commuter

VAIN STHLM Commute Headphones – $140

8. Pearl Magnetic Car Phone Mount

While most vehicles now incorporate bluetooth functionality, it is sometimes still necessary to see your phone while you’re driving. Looking down at the map can sometimes be dangerous, so a simple, magnetic mount like this one is ideal!

Mounting is easy. Simply place one of the thin, metal plates on your phone or underneath your phone case, and you’re ready to go. The mount even allows for 140-degree rotation, so you can be sure to adjust the view to your needs.

Best For: The traveling iPhone user.

Pearl Magnetic Car Phone Mount – $39.99

9. SANDMARC Drama Filter – Polarizer (PL) Filter for iPhone

This filter fits over your iPhone lens to suppress surface glare while bringing out the colors in your photography. Having a filter in place means you can spend less time trying to digitally edit the image and more time gaining followers on social media.

Best For: The photographer who appreciates time management.

SANDMARC Drama Filter – $29.99

10. iOS Digital Stereo Microphone by Shure

This small yet powerful USB mic takes your videos audio from a 4 to a 10. Whether you’re trying to produce high quality youtube videos on a budget or just gain better sound in videos, this mic will be your new favorite accessory.

Best For: The sound tech on a budget.

Shure MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone – $149


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