That's Nuts! Prankster Complains To Domino's About 'Uncooked Meatball' On Pizza


Customer service is definitely not an easy gig, as one Domino’s employee discovered after a couple of pranksters pulled a fast one on the pizza joint. Twitter user @Ciaran_Jarrett took to social media to complain about an “uncooked meatball” on his pizza that turned out to be his buddy’s testicle.

@Dominos_UK why is there an uncooked meatball on my pepperoni passion? Fuming,” the disgruntled customer wrote, attaching a picture of an otherwise appetizing pizza marred by a testicle resting on the crust.

“Whoever cooked this deserves the sack,” the prankster insisted.

Sure enough, Domino’s took the high road and offered a perfunctory apology. “Sorry about that, have you told the store about this?” the pizza chain posted from its official Twitter account. Either someone in the customer service department has a sense of humor or they’re not willing to go off-script. Either way, Domino’s seemed unfazed by the prank.

People across the internet were much more impressed by the joke. The original tweet had been viewed just over a million times by Tuesday morning, as the genital photobomber mused about in his own tweet: “Over 1 million people have seen my left testicle ffs,” Twitter user @stevples joked, adding,”My testicle is more famous than me.”


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