Terrorists Attacked An Ariana Grande Concert In Manchester Last Night




So far, 22 people have died (including an eight-year-old girl) and 59 people have been wounded (among them are 12 children under the age of 16) after a man entered Manchester Arena following Ariana Grande‘s concert and blew himself up with a nail bomb. You might want to sit down for this, because I know it might be shocking to learn, but the man was a Muslim. I for sure thought for a minute there he might be Mormon or Buddhist. You never know with these kind of attacks.

I know what my fellow liberals might be thinking right now during this time of tragedy: “Oh yeah? But what about white people?!”. You’re right. Maybe somebody should go to talk to some of the victims and some people in Syria and some people in refugee camps and tell them that Richard Spencer is their true enemy. They’ll probably be so grateful to you for explaining to this to them. I vote for Shaun King. But we all know that liberal’s reactions to terrorist attacks are the GOP version of school shootings. We’ll offer up thoughts and prayers and not much else, while tripping over ourselves not to offend anyone.


So, terrorists targeted an arena full of children, teenage girls and women for the simple fact they had the audacity to enjoy a concert put on by a female perform who inspires them. What’s your plan for that? Tell people they shouldn’t point out that a religious ideology can easily corrupt their followers or the follower who haven’t been corrupted yet might strap on a nail bomb vest themselves? Fuck yourself. Also, the irony of you warning me not to paint Muslims with a broad brush or they all might get radicalized then still believing Trump won because Russia sent out some emails shouldn’t be lost on you.



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