Teacher Arrested For Snorting Pill Powder In Front Of Her Students During Class


Move on over Teachers Who Fuck Their Students, because we’ve got a new trend in town and it’s possibly just as dysfunctional, yet the visual is less “child porn” and more Scarface – Teachers Who Get High During Class. Don’t know how long this trend will last or if drugs are alluring enough of a hobby to get teachers to stop bangin’ 15-year-olds in their free time, but regardless of what the future holds we now have the first entry on the list: 41-year-old Cherish Rednour.

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According to Daily Mail, Rednour was a teacher at Kentucky’s Menifee County Middle School until she decided it was high time to snort a casual white pill off her desk (see what I did there?) After allegedly crushing the pill with a credit card, making a line and snorting the powder in front of all her students, Rednour slumped over her desk and struggled to stay awake.

Ok – not funny anymore. Though I do have to admit I’m a little impressed. If your pill problem is so bad that you’re not even bothering to head to the bathroom in an attempt to hide it from your coworkers (or in this case, kids) it’s truly a wonder that she was able to hold down a job; I can only dream of aspiring to ever being able to multitask this well.

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After the students reported their teacher, the local sheriff’s department and the school principal confronted her with the student’s accounts and had her complete several field sobriety tests. Police then found white residue on her desk as well as a credit card with white powder residue; an additional search of her person yielded a tampon applicator in her bra that “resembled a very small, cut straw.”

Rednour was arrested on Thursday and charged with public intoxication of a controlled substance, first-degree possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia. She currently resides within Montgomery County Jail.


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