Taylor Swift Still Plans To Go After Kanye


Taylor Swift

Even though California law doesn’t include conversations that can be overheard as “confidential communication”, Taylor Swift still wants Kanye West and Kim Kardashian prosecuted for recording the call she said she didn’t know about but did. And much like her response for being called out for straight up lying then playing the victim, Swift is obsessing over technicalities while playing the victim. Hard to believe, I know. 

Taylor sources say she had NO IDEA Kanye had her on speaker. Although she could hear other voices she assumed they could not hear her, so she believes Kanye had a legal duty to ask permission to record her, and by not doing so he violated the criminal law. Taylor is still deciding whether she’ll file a police report. What’s more … we’re told Taylor wants them to bring it on … the call lasted a full hour and Kim was very selective in what she posted. Taylor wants the entire conversation released, because everyone would hear — Kanye never said he’d call her a “bitch” in the song.

Taylor had no idea Kanye had her on speaker. No idea. None. I guess she just assumed Rick Rubin’s voice was a ghost and Kanye called her while on the wing of an airplane. But, of course, here’s why she really wants them prosecuted. Hint: the most Taylor Swift reason of all. They were mean to her. 

We’re told she’s also upset Kanye made the song sound lighthearted, when in fact it’s mean-spirited. Taylor’s rep said in a statement ..  Kanye never asked Taylor for approval — which the tape proves — but she believes he was deceptive. 

Taylor Swift is mad because someone was “mean-spirited” and “deceptive”. Huh. Okay. But to make a claim under the California’s Invasion of Privacy Act, Swift will have to prove she didn’t know the call was recorded, and the letter her lawyers already sent Kim and Kanye might not play in front of a judge, since lawyers can’t bring criminal charges against anyone even though they represent the fairest maiden in all the land who is used to people bowing to her usual legal coercion. Also, an artist in Australia painted that mural you see in the banner pic. I assume her legal team has already deployed black ops mercenaries to deliver a strongly worded letter.

Hey, here’s Camilla Belle. The actor Taylor Swift called a whore on an album that sold over 4M copies, but has yet to apologize.


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