Taylor Swift Just Liked a Bunch of 'Ready for It' Fan Theories on Tumblr—Again


Last week, Taylor Swift went on a Tumblr post-liking spree that seemed to confirm a bunch of fan theories about her first single off of Reputation, “Look What You Made Me Do.” The likes offered insight into the song’s message—and left our heads spinning.

And now, the singer has gone and done it again; this time, though, the likes are in reaction to her latest song, “Ready for It.” As Buzzfeed spotted, a few of the posts Taylor liked were about fans wanting to share a drink with the star or dance to “Ready for It” at her next concert—but the majority she gave her seal of approval were actual theories surrounding Taylor’s private life and the song’s meaning. (In short, this song is definitely about her relationship with boyfriend Joe Alywn.)

First, she gave her OK to this post about the constant presence of paparazzi:

PHOTO: Tumblr

Then she liked a post about “forgetting” the name of her exes:

PHOTO: Tumblr

She also liked a post responding to those “Is Taylor a Trump supporter?” theories:

PHOTO: Tumblr

As for her anniversary with Joe, it could be next month:


But here’s one that really caught our attention: She liked a post confirming a theory surrounding that “Burton to his Taylor” lyric:

PHOTO: Tumblr

As the Tumblr post explains, actress Elizabeth Taylor was married 8 times (twice to Richard Burton), and they were among the first celebrity couples to receive a ton of negative attention from the media surrounding their relationship. It ultimately led to their demise—twice. Taylor has been hiding out form the paparazzi for months, while Elizabeth Taylor went as far as Botswana, Africa to marry Burton. Also, the fact that Taylor Swift has had 8 exes is kind of mind blowing. Oh, and the same name thing is just the icing on the cake.

Has your brain exploded yet?

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