‘Swim Like A Mermaid’ Instagram Brings Beach Babes To Your Feed


Happy girls running to the sea on a beautiful sunset. Photo: Sol de Zuasnabar Brebbia (Getty)

There are more bikini lines than seconds in a day (god bless), so Swim Like A Mermaid is your new one-stop shop. Our favorite swimwear designer Sarah Fisk knows what looks good and who it looks good on. And she’s got the best beach mamas to model them for her, too, as you’ll see.

Most of her early hand-sewn work was unique in its patterns, colors and fit. Now you can see them just about anywhere the sun shines, especially during festival season or anywhere on the California coast, where each bottom is made before finding a bottom to go on.

If you’re shopping summer attire, we recommend Swim Like a Mermaid, especially if you’re a mer-man who likes surprising his lady without having to take out a second mortgage (do kids know about mortgages?). Seriously, if you live in your swimwear during the summer, or if your girlfriend tells you she feels like a frump cake in her old rags, maybe it’s time to freshen things up.

Have a look at some of the latest designs on the greatest gals @swimlikeamermaid now, before summer ends and you feel like you forgot something. Then check out some eco-conscious Instagrams that’ll breathe new life into your feed.

This isn’t the first time Alexis Ren has wowed you today, is it?

Meet your designer, Sarah Fisk.


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