Suicide By Social: Millennials Respond To Baby Boomers Griping About Them Not Having Kids


Caucasian man sitting on sofa texting on cell phone. Photo: Erik Isakson (Getty)

You’d think with the world already overpopulated at 7.6 billion people, baby boomers would be thrilled millennials are doing their part to make sure it doesn’t reach 11.2 billion by 2100.

But according to Forbes, boomers are actually pissed at millennials for not crapping out a kid or two here and there. No surprise, it all has to do with their retirement plans. Since the birthrate has dropped to an all-time low in the United States, it means there will be fewer “grandbabies” on the planet when these boomers decide to sell their homes down the road.

Naturally, the notion of millennials dicking up baby boomers’ retirement plans didn’t sit well with the millennials, who coincidentally are very good at expressing their feelings on Twitter. Here are some of their best responses:

And of course:


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