Study Claims 10 Percent Of People Check Phone During Sex


Couple in bed texting whilst girlfriend is asleep. Photo: WANDER WOMEN COLLECTIVE (Getty)

Sexually awkward? Professional multitaskers? Porn addicts? Surely the 100 or so people who answered yes in a recent survey had their reasons.

According to CBS Philly, the SureCall study we’re referring to polled 1,000 participants. Surprisingly, 10 percent revealed they check their phones while taking their partners to pleasure town. Those between 18 to 34 years of age are almost twice as likely to do so during sex than those 35 to 51 years of age. Among them, 43 percent claim to be checking their fantasy teams or Pinterest pages while making love, and an astonishing 20 percent of the time at that!

As far as the other instances we’re checking our phones instead of just taking care of business, 69 (haha) percent of those surveyed said they check their phones while dropping a deuce (guilty). Plus, 75 percent of those people who made it all the way through the survey admitted to “sleeping with their phone on or having the device near their bed.”

It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that those same 75 percent said they were “more likely to be sad.”

Look, the bottom line is an important one this time around. I’m sure I speak for the majority of us here at Mandatory when I say, ladies, if you catch your man checking his phone while getting down, use it to give us a call.


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