Stranger Buys New Barbershop For Man Who Gives Free Haircuts To The Homeless


Stranger Buys New Barbershop For Man Who Gives Free Haircuts To The Homeless

October 28, 2017

A man who dedicates his time to giving free haircuts to the homeless just received an incredible act of kindness from a stranger.

barber for homeless gets new shop from stranger
Credit: Fox 5 News

Brennon Jones, a 29-year-old who lives in Philadelphia, started “Haircuts 4 the Homeless” about one year ago after he said the mission came from “my heart.”

“Me personally, I think I surpassed a thousand haircuts, so many I stopped counting. So it’s been a good year so far,” Jones told Fox 5 Philly.

People began to notice, people like Sean Johnson, a man Jones had never met.

“When I found out, well, I need to be part of that. I need to see what I can do to help,” Sean Johnson said.

Johnson decided to give Jones the keys to a fully-renovated, basically new barber shop that will offer services to those in need.

He gave Jones the shop free of charge.

“He said ‘listen, I’ve got a building I want you to come check out.’ He said ‘do you like this place?’ I said ‘yeah I like it’, he tossed me the key and said ‘it’s yours’,” Jones recalled.

Johnson himself knows about the path from struggle to success, having to rebuild his life.

From incarceration to successful owner of Taper’s Barbershop, Johnson planned on expanding down Old York Road to another shop he bought and renovated, but meeting Jones changed that.

“It wasn’t about me giving a barbershop, when you look at the homeless and the things that they need, I looked at it as more. I built something and I want to see it keep going and I want to see it do a great thing,” Johnson said.

barber for homeless gets a new shop from stranger
Credit: Fox 5 News

The new shop will open in November with set days to exclusively serve the homeless. Now, Sean and his commitment to community building have partnered with Brennon who previously had no idea how he would continue the haircuts throughout the winter.

“I just continue to rely on my faith, God brought me this far I know he’s not gonna leave me now,” Jones said.


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