Soon, You’ll Be Able To Order Food From Your Car Thanks To GM


Vehicle manufacturer General Motors has been at the leading edge of transportation innovation for quite some time and recently debuted self-driving robo taxis, which are currently being tested in San Francisco.

Yet it’s the release of their newest infotainment system which has people the most excited, as not only can you order food from the built-in app, but you can also purchase gas and shop at some of your favorite stores.

GM has collaborated with multiple businesses like Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, IHOP (well IHOB for the moment), Applebee’s, Shell, ExxonMobil, and more to make your life a little easier with their General Motors Marketplace. As if that’s not enough, GM’s Marketplace will also provide you with directions to the nearest business location of your choice.

Via your in-dash infotainment system, you simply select the ‘shop’ function and each business will not only allow you to make an order/purchase/reservation but will also allow you to pay for your items ahead of time. So no need to struggle to find some loose change in your pocket or dig through your wallet to find your favorite piece of plastic, as you’ll have it all set up in your GM infotainment system.

Sadly, General Motors hasn’t come up with a technology to avoid fast food drive-through lines, so you’ll still need to deal with that headache unless you feel like going inside to pick up your food.


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