Somebody Tried To Kill Corey Feldman


Corey Feldman


Corey Feldman got stabbed last night in Los Angeles. I wonder what it was about?


Corey Feldman is being treated in hospital after being injured in an attack. The police are said to be investigating the incident as an “attempted homicide. The Lost Boys star says he was “stabbed” by a gang of three men who stopped his car while driving in Los Angeles. The men are said to have distracted his security guards, and attacked the 46-year-old actor.


Last year, Corey Feldman gave the police a list of names of the people he claims sexually abused him, and long before the #MeToo movement started, he’s been screaming for years that Hollywood is basically just one big pedo ring and young actress sex-trafficking dungeon. We laughed it off. Not sure why. Maybe because he does Michael Jackson cosplay. Either way, he should be fine and only suffered “minor injuries,” so it looks like his attackers were used to stabbing little kids.


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