Side Chick Releases Video Of Miami Dolphins’ Offensive Coach Snorting Cocaine


There’s no scarier force in the universe than a woman who thinks she’s been wronged and is looking for revenge, but what about a chick who’s just trying to stir up some shit? That’s what seems to be the case with Kijuana Nige, a woman who ruined Miami Dolphins’ offensive line coach Chris Foerster’s life by releasing a video of him snorting cocaine before a work meeting.

In the video, Foerster says that “I’m about to go into a meeting but I’m going to do this before I go,” and then proceeds to blow a really sad looking line with a $20 bill. He then continues, speaking into the camera and saying “It’ll be a while before we can do this again. Because I know you have to keep that baby. But I think about you when I do it. I think about how much I miss you. How we got high together, how much fun it was.”

How long is it going to take for people to realize they can’t be filmed or photographed doing anything even remotely scandalous these days? This isn’t 2004 anymore – filming a sex tape won’t make you famous, but everyone WILL think you’re an attention whore (see: Farrah Abraham).

As for WHY Kijuana released the video, we touched on that a little earlier – literally she’s just trying to stir up shit:

So her initial reason was… “just because.” When asked to explain more, she made it a race thing:

Except Foerster has nothing to do with police brutality, Black Lives Matter, kneeling for the anthem or anything else.

If you’re going to ruin someone’s livelihood in the name of racial equality, don’t you think you should pick someone  who’s actually done something to harm the black community and movement? To me, it just seems like Kijuana used the only ammunition she had, regardless of whether or not it was coming from the right place.

As for the Foerster, the Dolphins have declined to comment on the video, stating “We were just made aware of the video and will have no comment at this time” on Sunday night. League sources, however, have already leaked that an investigation will ensue and that his fate could be decided as early as Monday morning.

Lesson learned: don’t try skiing in Miami.

[H/T Daily Mail]


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