Shazam TV Trailer Flies High with DC's Funnest Hero


The first TV spot for Shazam! has arrived online. Warner Bros. debuted the first trailer for the upcoming DC adventure to San Diego Comic-Con over the summer and it was one of the most buzzed-about trailers to come out of the event this year. Now, a full six months before the movie is set to debut in theaters, a TV spot has made its way online, showcasing a dramatically different type of DC movie coming our way in 2019.

This TV spot uses a whole lot of the same footage from the full Shazam trailer, but condenses it down into a 60-second spot, offering a few tiny glimpses of new footage here or there. The core idea is still on display here, as the young Billy Batson (Asher Angel) is gifted super powers from a mysterious wizard, allowing him to turn into the titular hero, played by Zachary Levi. The body of Superman with the mind and spirit of a 14-year-old boy. It’s an inherently silly premise, but one that the filmmakers seemed to have a lot of fun with.

Fun is largely something that was missing from Zack Snyder’s version of the on-screen DC universe. Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and, before Joss Whedon stepped in, Justice League were all dark affairs. Shazam looks to be the total opposite. While there are going to be superhero shenanigans and stakes that come with that, this looks to be a complete tonal shift and something very different within the comic book movie genre. Whether or not that’s a bet that pays off remains to be seen, especially since this isn’t a character with nearly as much name recognition with casual moviegoers.

This particular entry in the DC movie universe comes from David F. Sandberg, which is perhaps one of the most surprising things about it. Sandberg previously directed the horror hits Lights Out and Annabelle: Creation, neither of which screamed that he was the right guy for Shazam. However, based on everything we’ve seen so far, it appears as though he’s got a lot more up his sleeve as a filmmaker than just providing audiences with some inventive horror-themed thrills. From the studio’s perspective, Sandberg has proved that he can deliver a hit, which is of crucial importance. Not to mention that he has a knack for turning things around. The first Annabelle was disliked strongly by fans and critics alike. Yet, he managed to totally right the ship with Annabelle: Creation. Perhaps he can also help get DC on the proper course.

In addition to the movie’s dual leads, the cast includes Grace Fulton, Jack Dylan Grazer, Cooper Andrews, Marta Milans, Faithe Herman, Ian Chen, Jovan Armand and Mark Strong as the main villain, Doctor Sivana. This will be the first live-action DC movie to hit theaters in 2019 on April 5, which will be followed by the highly-anticipated Wonder Woman 1984 in November. Be sure to check out Warner Bros.’ new Shazam TV spot for yourself below.


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