Shazam! Has Wrapped Production


DC’s Shazam! started production at the end of January, when director David F. Sandberg shared a picture of the film slate on social media. Now, 3 months later, production has officially wrapped, which was revealed by yet another social media post by Sandberg. The director has stated before that the movie will be pretty lighthearted in comparison to other movies within the DCEU. David F. Sandberg has been doing an excellent job of keeping DC fans informed of the production process as well as dispelling any false rumors that pop up.

Shazam! star Zachary Levi had hinted that production was nearing completion earlier this week, but this is the first official announcement that we’ve seen. David F. Sandberg simply said, “That’s a wrap on Shazam! Now onto months of post-production.” There will likely be a lot of time spent on the post-production aspect of the project and reshoots will probably occur before everything is said and done. While a lot of pictures from the set have leaked over the last few months, DC fans have been waiting to get an official look at Zachary Levi in full costume.

The lack of an official look at the Shazam! costume has led to some speculation online about why it has not been unveiled yet. David F. Sandberg took to social media to address the situation when a fan asked him a question online. Apparently, “plans changed,” and Sandberg is trying to keep his mouth shut about it. He explains.

“Plans changed from what I’d been told. I don’t know what the current plans are. I’m now just focusing on making a good movie and trying not to talk about things before I’m supposed to talk about them.”

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding Shazam! and many DC fans are wondering if Henry Cavill will make an appearance as Superman in the movie. There have been several nods to other DC characters from leaked set photos including more than one reference to Batman. Ace Chemicals has been referenced and a Gotham City News van was also spotted on the set. As for any special cameos, nothing has been officially announced at this time, which makes sense. If there are some secret cameos, they’ll likely remain that way until Shazam! hits theaters.

Shazam! hits theaters on April 5th, 2019, which is plenty of time to get all of the post-production work and reshoots taken care of. David F. Sandberg will probably take a little break from the project before jumping into the post-production process. DC fans are hopeful about Shazam!, especially with Zachary Levi in the titular role. From everything that has been seen from the set and from the social media accounts of Levi and Sandberg, the filming process looked like it was a lot of fun. You can check out the official announcement that Shazam! has wrapped production below, thanks to David F. Sandberg’s Twitter account.


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