Science Says 2016 Will Actually Be One Second Longer On New Year's Eve


2016 has been one helluva year. I know that’s been the ongoing joke for a few months now, how 2016 has been royally sucking balls but it’s true. This year has been especially painful. First of all, we had to endure over a year’s worth of Presidential campaigning which is essentially torture to watch (and, as we all know, ended with a result some love but some also hate). Second, the year itself kicked off with actor Alan Rickman’s sudden death which no one saw coming. Third, a bunch of bad shit for 11 months. Fourth, cut to 11 months later, the year is coming to a close with the sudden deaths of legends Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. How much more blood do you want, 2016!

Well, the horror that was this year is unfortunately not ending when you thought it would. Instead of being thankful that 2016 is no longer around at midnight on New Year’s Eve, you’ll have to endure one…more…painful…second.

That’s right, 2016 is actually going to last one second longer than any normal year!

But why?! WHY, DAMMIT!?!

Well, I’m not smart enough nor have the energy to fully understand the science, then regurgitate it for you right now so I’ll take what I just read, copy it, put it in quotes, so that way if it doesn’t make sense, you can’t blame me! “

The fault lies with the Earth’s rotation. Our planet’s orbit around the sun is not actually a perfect circle – it’s more like an ellipse. Additionally, a number of elements affect the shape of the Earth’s rotation, including tectonic shifts, ocean swells and even tides.

Taken together, this means that the Earth doesn’t maintain its constant speed at a perfect rate every day (or 24 hours). Therefore, in order to remain as accurate as possible about time, these leap seconds are added.

I haven’t had coffee yet and that would’ve taken way too long for me to put into my own words. Science!

First of all, fuck that noise. Second, let’s just maybe NOT go with that info and celebrate the new year like every other year…at midnight. No one will notice, promise. There’s no Time Cop waiting around the corner making sure you follow the time rules, people.

Although, I wish there were Time Cops because that sounds pretty cool.

So unless you wanna risk death or something worse, celebrate the new year as you normally would. Then again we’ll all be SHWASTED by then anyway so if anything bad happens we’ll be too blackout drunk to care.

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